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The Alliance Blogs and Pro-Life - Seeking a silent 30-minute timer-alarm clock

If you fancy a browse, please take a look at my new sidebar. It is crammed with a list of a great selection of blogs. They were easy to insert with simple codes from Pro-Life and The Alliance.

I have also pasted the codes into my personal blog ME AND OPHELIA and at Sudan Watch. Three new blogs have already linked to me since yesterday, which is great because it comes as a nice friendly suprise when I check out my list at Technorati and makes the day more interesting as I click into the link and read about someone new who I probably would never have met otherwise.

Why not do the same? If you are not keen on having so many showing in your sidebar, you can always delete the codes if you are not happy. I think it's a great way to meet new people who are open to being friendly (they wouldn't have bothered linking to Pro Life and The Alliance).

Also in the sidebar (thanks to SB at Abide for the request) I have installed Bloglines, Blogroll Me! and Feedburner. Sorry about these rather scrappy posts and unfinished blog template. I have been busy but look forward to getting this blog properly sorted before starting my six week long "aggressive rest programme" that I aim to log here on a daily basis. My hallway here at home is yet to be redecorated (painter is due 2nd or 3rd week January) and after that new carpet laid sometime February. By April I hope I will have everything in place to start the important new regime that I have been planning for the past two years. More on this at a later date.

In the meantime, for any new visitors here: if you or anyone you know suffers from ME/CFS/CFIDS or FMS - please point them in this direction for a warm welcome and hello and share any news or tips. Thank you.

A silent 30-minute timer/alarm clock

As part of the rest programme I am planning on, one thing I am missing that I have not been able to find over the past year is a silent timer/alarm clock.

Does anyone know of a "timer/alarm" clock I can install on my PowerBook G4? I would like some sort of alert to show silently (or make a soft sound if necessary) that will alert me every 30 minutes that I am on the computer. In my six week rest programme, I will need to stop everything and rest for five minutes after every 30 minutes. If I use an ordinary alarm clock it'd be too stressful setting it 30 or more times a day. And if it has a piercing alarming ring, it might get too annoying by the end of each day. I need the modern equivalent of a grandfather clock that signals an alert every half hour - or even quarter hour.

But here's the snag. I surf for 30 minutes - alert sounds - I stop and rest for 5 minutes - so the timer needs to start a new 30 minute cycle from the time I start using the computer again. So I guess I need something along the lines of a stopwatch that is simple to stop and re-set (I would like to time the five minute rests too, so I don't spend the rest time using up brain cells wondering when the five minutes will be up!) Resting is not as simple as it sounds. You have to concentrate on relaxing and not working the brain either.

Also, I would like to use the timer/stopwatch when visitors are here, so I know when to rest mid conversation. That way, my energy will last longer during the visit which means visitors can stay for longer than just an hour or two without wiping me out for days or even weeks afterwards.

Ideally, I am looking for two things: (1) a timer/alarm to use on the computer that maybe even switches down the page after 30 minutes (2) a timer/stopwatch that doesn't make a loud ticking noise (noise really bothers me), is easy to use and signals a (quiet) alert every thirty minutes.

I wonder what deaf people use as a kitchen timer. My kitchen timer would be perfect as all I'd need to do is turn a gripper in the middle of the face to 30 minutes. It works great but ticks so lound and has such a shrill alarm, I keep it in kitchen to time something in the oven because I can hear the ticking in the next room.

Maybe what I am looking for is a kitchen timer or fob type watch that can be worn around the neck or if necessary the wrist.

This may seem like a simple request but I have spent many days over the course of the past year looking on the internet. There is such an overwhelming number of clocks and watches on the market, I thought I would ask here incase a reader knows of the sort of thing I need. Thanks. Please excuse this unedited long winded post. My concentration has slowed after getting the sidebar stuff together. My blogmates will be added to the sidebar soon. Must rest now.


Blogger texasbug said...

Well, that's exactly how I found you too. Upon adding those two blogrolls (alliance and pro-life) you added my blog twice! When I took a look over at technorati, you were the newest blog to link to me, so I came to take a look. I haven't had a chance to read much yet, but I LOVE the post on fibromyalgia. My sister has it, and I'm really paranoid about some health problems I've developed as of late...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Do you know if there's any evidence of a genetic link? I wonder if I'm more likely to get it/have it because one of my sisters does? Anyway, I'll be sending her here to read this. Thanks so much!

January 05, 2005  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Hello texasbug. Nice to meet you. Willie Nelson's Stardust album is one of my most favourite. Your accent must sound like Jerry Hall (you look a little like her!) President Bush and Willie Nelson!

Sorry to read your sisters has FMS. I've not read of any evidence re a genetic link. But I have read of two or three CFIDS sufferers within one family - and becoming ill within several months of each each - ie one of the parents and two children. Studies have been carried out to find out why some within the family were affected but others not but I have not seen the results.

If you are developing some health problems, I guess it's only natural to wonder what it could be and if there is anything in your background causing it. What are your symptoms, can you say? Does your sister have a blog? And if not, WHY NOT??!! Best wishes to you and your sister for a peaceful 2005. Bye for now. And thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I'll catch up with your blog.

January 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use the timer on my microwave alot. No ticking and nice ding sound. My Chiropractor encouraged me to try a powdered Calcium Magnesium supplement. the powdered ones get into your bloodstream faster. I use CalMag from www.VitaminsThatWork.com The canister also says "Natural Vitality" on it so that may be the name of the company. Anyway it stopped my muscle spasms & twitches so now I sleep way better. I take it before bed and felt the difference the first morning. I have had great results with the Chiropracter & only go when I need a "tune-up" although I did go 3 times a week at first. It's 24 degrees F her in Omaha Nebraska USA so I can't go out much because the cold makes everything worse. Plus I really miss the sun. It's 5:32 am here & I haven't been to bed yet. Sometimes I forget to go to bed because when the pain is high, I am always tired anyway. Good luck to you. Let us know when you find out anything good. God Bless, Diane

January 12, 2005  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Hello Diane, nice to meet you - what a pity you've shown up here as Anonymous, do you not have a blog? And if not, why not? They are free over at Blogger.com and take only minutes to set up. Please let us know the link to your blog if/when you have one. Do you suffer Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) or what? That is a great tip on the powdered Magnesium, thanks. I shall definitely try Magensium this year. I gave up trying things a few years ago, but Magnesium certainly sounds like it might help, even if you are ill or not. The only timer I have on my microwave is the one that is used for cooking. The kitchen timer I have is a nifty little gadget that fits in the palm of a hand. But I can't have it sitting next to me because it is too loud. Maybe I should try putting a cushion over it - or a few cushions - so all I'd hear is a dull thud when it pings. Chiropractor sounds like an interesting tip too. I am too ill to go out but if ever I was well enough, I would try something like that for the spine and back of the neck. Tsk tsk on the staying up late. Here's my tip - you MUST work on getting a sleep routine going and get at least 8-9 hours a night sleep. I can't stress how important this is. You can train yourself to adapt to set times each night - takes a few months readjustment but I've read it can be done. If necessary you might need a doctors help. Sorry to see you suffer high pain. I know exactly what you are talking about. The only way I manage to reduce the symptoms is to stay within my baseline, which an ME specialist assessed as being 15 minutes. It has taken five years to manage life within this baseline and streamline chores and activities to miniscule levels. I am supposed to rest after 15-30 minutes of activity whether it is physical or mental - trouble is I'd need a nurse or someone to be helping me with this. I simply cannot keep track of the time so accurately - I start blogging and my concentration slows so whatever happens, I can never get anything accomplished within 15 minutes. Everything takes me so long to do. And I seem only able to concentrate on one thing at a time, ie can't blog and keep my mind on the clock. Which is why I am looking for a timer. Bye for now. Hope you say hi again and let us know more about how you are getting along. How do you manage with preparation etc of food? What do you eat? How long have you been ill? Food is such a big problem. Spring will soon be here and the weather will start warming up. This is the first year I have an electric blanket on my bed and it sure is bliss to climb into after a day on the couch. Hot bath and water bottle on feet during day helps burning muscles too. God bless to you too in Nebraska - best wishes for 2005 - and stay warm!

January 12, 2005  

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