Friday, October 01, 2004

Doctors offer their opinions via the Web - Blogs are a forum for medical discussion, dissemination

Seems like a growing number of physicians are starting their own blogs. All of those I have come across are located in America.

Here is a great example. Toronto born Dr. Kevin Pho, based in New Hampshire, USA, shares thoughts on his medical profession in his blog Kevin, M.D.

Telegraph Online has a write-up - with this photo.


To my mind, Kevin, M.D. is the most perfect blog. Gorgeous style. Plain, simple and easy on the eye. Font size and spacing is just what I had in mind for mine. It is powered by Blogger too. I wonder if that means the skin is freely available. I've spent months looking for an example of how I want my blogs to look. Can't resist emailing him to ask. Fingers crossed I get a reply.
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Doctors offer their opinions via the Web

Thanks to Kevin MD for pointing to an interesting piece at American Medical News online:

Welcome to the blogosphere: A brave new world of Web dialogue ...
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Ask a specialist opinion via the Web or phone direct

Note, Dr Poh, author of Kevin, M.D. blog, is listed at Ask A Specialist where members can e-mail a Harvard Pilgrim health specialist. Members can click the 'Ask A Specialist' button to submit a question, which will be directed to the most appropriate specialty. They receive a personal reply, usually within 3-5 business days. Or they can check the Archives for questions others have asked.

Here in England we have NHS Direct online and the NHS Direct telephone helpline that provides instant advice 24/7. The services are for residents in England only and are free of charge. The National Health Service (NHS) is funded through compulsory National Insurance contributions that residents pay in addition to income tax and 17.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) which is added on to most of the goods and services - including utilities - that we buy. Tax on domestic gas and electricity is around a third of 17.5%.


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