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British Journal of Nursing - 8-page review on ME/CFS

Copy of News from The ME Association blog 3 July 2006:


The debate: Myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome
British Journal of Nursing, 2006, vol 15 (12), pages 662 - 669

As there have been very few papers on ME/CFS published in well recognised peer-review nursing journals I recently submitted an eight page review to the British Journal of Nursing.

This has just been published in the June/July issue.

Among the issues covered are:

The debate into nomenclature and definition
Predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors
Diagnostic and disability assessment
Drug management - including possible disease modifying drugs and drugs used for symptomatic relief
Non-pharmacological management - pacing, problems with graded exercise etc
General management issues - including alternative and complementary therapies

The section on causation emphasises and references the key clinical and research abnormalities relating to neurological function that the ME Association presented to the first oral hearing of the Gibson Inquiry.

Paper copies are available in UK newsagents for non-subscribers.

An electronic version can be obtained at: a payment per item service .

Please note that this is the longest and most referenced paper in this issue of the BJN. I have tried to fit in as much information as possible in the space that I was able to agree on.

Dr Charles Shepherd
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